Matching versions

Matching versions allows you to switch between matching version, apply the proper records matching, view matching history, and work with important versions.

Works pretty same as mapping versions.
So, in matching action panel you will see new section version: 

It opens new popup with matching versions. From matching versions popup you are able to change version importance, by clicking star icon.


In this popup you will see full list of matching version where current version marked and highlighted dark blue border.

Each version contains next info:

  • Selection icon
  • Created At date
  • Important/Base icon
  • Version title and description (currently all versions have Default, in future updates we will provide functionality to change it)
  • Version author info (name and email)

To view specific version just click on the appropriate row. After that you will be switched back to matching with version row, which indicates, that you are viewing specific version of matching:

image (3)-1

In this row you are also able to use this version by clicking USE THIS VERSION button. If you click it, matching will be switched to this version, and refreshed base on this version.
While you viewing specific version, in versions popup it`s also indicates, and shows as highlighted orange border and eye icon:

image (1)-1

First generated version marked as base, and displayed as tiny house icon.
Matching version also provides new cool feature - highlighting new records 
If new entries appear after the upgrade, they will be displayed with blue new tag on source side, and also in target drop-downs.

image (2)

Records sorted based on this tag, so new records will be displayed first. This tag will be displayed until you make some changes.